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Previous Political Economy Seminars

The Political Economy Seminar focuses on formal and quantitative work in the political economy field, including formal political theory.

Fall 2017


Fall 2016

  • September 12: Yuichiro Kamada, UC Berkeley Haas, “Valence Candidates and Ambiguous Platforms in Policy Announcement Games”
  • September 26: Steve Callander, Stanford GSB, “Policy Advice in a Complicated World”
  • October 10: Mike Ting, Columbia Poli Sci
  • October 24: Pierre Yared, Columbia GSB
  • November 7: Aniol Llorente Saguer, Queen Mary University of London
  • November 21: Sean Gailmard, UC Berkeley Poli Sci

Spring 2016

  • Feb. 8: Ruixue Jia, UC San Diego, “Generational Culture Gap and Elderly Suicide” (working title)
  • Feb. 29: Bernardo Santos Da Silveira, Washington University, “Bargaining with Asymmetric Information: An Empirical Study of Plea Negotiations”
  • Mar. 14: Avidit Acharya, Stanford University, "Improving the Relationship:  A Principal-Agent Model of Progressive Learning and Path Dependence."
  • Apr. 4: Konstantin Sonin, University of Chicago “Social Mobility and Support for Democracy: Re-evaluating de Tocqueville”
  • Apr. 18: Naor Ben-Yehoyada, Cambridge University, “Ship-napping: the relationship between patronage and extortion during the Sicily-Tunisia Fish War, 1960-1995,”
  • Apr. 25: Omer Moav, Warwick, “Geography, Transparency, and Institutions.” Joint with Micro Theory seminar, note special time and location: 4:00pm, Location: 639 Evans Hall.
  • CANCELLED May 2: Steve Callander, Stanford University, “Policy Advice in a Complicated World.”

Fall 2015

  • Sept 28: Kei Kawai, Berkeley, “Voter Turnout and Preference Aggregation"
  • Oct 12: Alex Hirsch, Cal Tech, “The Lobbyist's Dilemma”
  • Oct 26: Vicky Fouka, Stanford, “Backlash: The Unintended Effects of Language Prohibition in US Schools after World War I”
  • Nov 16: Bard Harstad, UiO, “Conservation Contracts and Political Regimes.”
  • Nov 23: Peter Buisseret, Chicago, “Dynamics of Policymaking: Stepping Back to Leap Forward, Stepping Forward to Keep Back"

Spring 2015

  • Feb 2: Shachar Kariv, Berkeley, "The Distributional Preferences of Americans"
  • Feb 9: Noam Yuchtman, Berkeley, "Curriculum and Ideology"
  • Mar 2: Pablo Querubin, NYU, "State Capacity, Local Governance and Economic Development in Vietnam." Joint paper with Melissa Dell and Nathan Lane.
  • Mar 16: Michael Callen, Harvard, "Tailoring Intertemporal Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan"
  • Apr 6: Richard Van Weelden, Chicago, "Informative Cheap Talk in Elections"
  • Apr 20: Adam Meirowitz, Princeton, "Informative Voting in Large Elections"
  • May 4: Torsten Persson, Stockholm University, "Norms, Enforcement, and Tax Evasion"

Fall 2014

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Fall 2011

Spring 2011

  • Jan 31: Santiago Oliveros, Berkeley, "Media Bias, Endogenous Information, and the Condorcet Jury Theorem"

  • Feb 14: Branislav Slantchev, UCSD, "On the Organization of International Cooperation"
  • Feb 28: Jeff Ely, Northwestern, "Torture"
  • March 7: Noam Yuchtman, Berkeley, "Medieval Universities, Legal Institutions, and the Commercial Revolution," (joint with the Economic History seminar, note special time and place).
  • March 11: Tim Besley, LSE, "Dynastic Leaders and Economic Growth"March 14: Luz Marina Arias, Juan March Institute, "Indigenous Origins of Colonial Institutions" (joint with the Economic History Seminar).
  • March 25: Robert Powell, Berkeley, "Fighting, Bargaining, and State Consolidation"*The March 28 seminar has been cancelled. The seminar will resume as scheduled on April 11.*
  • April 11: Hao Li, UBC, "Sincere Voting in Large Elections"
  • April 25: Andy Eggers, Yale, "Electoral Corruption and Institutional Change in 19th-Century Britain"

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Joint with the Comparative Politics and Development Seminars

Fall 2004

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Fall 2003

  • September 8: Nicola Persico, University of Pennsylvania
    "Public Goods, Redistribution, and Constitutional Design";
    (Links to other articles: "The Drawbacks of Electoral Competition";"Why Did the Elites Extend the Suffrage? Democracy and the Scope of Government, with an Application to Britain's 'Age of Reform'"
  • September 13: Georges Casamatta, University of Toulouse
    "Ex Post Inefficiency in a Political Agency Model"
  • September 22: John Morgan, UC Berkeley
    "Contracting for Information in Committees"
  • September 27: Ethan Kaplan, UC Berkeley
  • October 4: Ragnar Torvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, "A Political Economy Theory of the Soft Budget Constraint"
  • October 6: 4-6 pm, 608-7 Evans Hall (Joint with Comparative and Development Economics Seminars) Katya Zhuravskaya, Center for Economic and Financial Research (Moscow),
    "Decentralization and Political Institutions"
  • October 11:  Nolan McCarty, Princeton, "The Policy Consequences of Political Polarization"
  • October 25:  Jana Kunicova, Cal Tech, "Political Institutions and Corruption"
  • October 27: Patrick Bolton, Princeton, "Law Enforcement, Fiscal Responsibility, and Economic Development"
  • November 3: John Huber, Columbia, "Bureaucratic Capacity, Delegation, and Political Reform"
  • November 8: Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, Washington University, "States and Mafias: Competing for Enforcement"
  • November 17: Branislav Slantchev, UC San Diego
    "Repression and Persistent Policy Failure"
  • November 22: Leonard Wantchekon, New York University
  • December 1: David Baron, Stanford University, "Persistent Media Bias"
  • December 6: Mathew McCubbins, UC San Diego, "Courts and Markets: Testing the Influence of Court Decisions on Public Policy"